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The company was born and developed from a young Sicilian entrepreneur ‘s idea. She moved to  Tuscany  13 years ago,  and she still lives there. Her name is Maria Saviano, for all Mara.

Mara  becomes Manfredi's mother in 2011, and in 2012 comes to life, Violante, the second-born.

This will require a choice, a difficult and courageous one. After seven years, a Master in Management and Marketing Pharmacy she leaves her job as Sales account for an Israeli multinational and  she decides to re-enroll in the University, opting for Communication Sciences in Florence.

Meanwhile, she shows interest for the world of  the automatic distribution and starts to approach it.

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And it is precisely during this embryonic stage that she attends a course in Social Media Strategies.  While inspired by hints and suggestions,  she makes researches to develop a new brand of coffee aiming at representing a fusion between pleasure, for what can be termed "The oldest black drink in the world ", and her desire to bring the Italian spirit  back to top values, to something to be proud of, especially  through the rediscovery of our culture and our passions.

All in a new 2.0 formula that sees the birth of a real Social Coffee Community where you can stay with people enjoying the moment.

So she starts to take part in industry fairs, she contacts roasting factories, she looks for a product that can meet her high quality expectations. She formulates her recipe through the selection of premium blends. That formula is  the one that will characterize her new brand, Saviano Coffee.

Saviano Coffee does not want to be a simple alternative to its competitors. It wants to be characterized by different identification factors. It wants to become a brand that plays the role of  a "living room where you can enjoy a good coffee",  talking  and sharing opinions, in real as in the virtual life, on news, fun, sport, art, politics. An experience that  involves the customer  through a sensory experience and his passion for life.

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Drink your coffee with us!